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Free Electronics Recycling Nanaimo


At our recycling depots in Nanaimo, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. We offer more than just recycling beverage containers and provide our community with a residential electronics recycling service as well.

We’re proud to be a part of the movement to contribute to a greener future for our province and promote sustainable waste management practices (recycling) within our community.

We know electronic waste must be disposed of properly, or else it causes harm to the environment, human health, and our beautiful wildlife.

We encourage you to join us in reducing needless waste – drop off your old household electronics, such as TVs, computers, phones, and more for free recycling.

Recycling Electronics in Nanaimo

Regional Recycling Nanaimo is proud to partner with provincial and federal stewardship programs to offer you the ability to recycle all your small and large electronics safely and easily.

Please note that our electronics and appliance recycling areas are separate from our bottle depot entrance. You should see signs pointing you in the right direction. If you’re not sure where to go, please ask one of our team members before unloading.

Computer Recycling Nanaimo

Computer Recycling

E waste Recycling  Nanaimo

Audio Visual Equipment

 Small Kitchen Appliances Nanaimo

Small Kitchen Appliances

Electronic Gaming Devices Nanaimo

Electronic Gaming Devices

TV recycling Nanaimo

Flat Screen & TV Recycling

cell phone recycling Nanaimo

Recycle Your Phone & Mobile Devices

battery recycling Nanaimo

Battery Recycling

Computer Equipment Nanaimo

Computer Equipment

Recycle Light Bulbs Nanaimo

Light Bulbs

Smoke alarm recycling Nanaimo

Smoke & Co Alarms

Recycle Wires Nanaimo


Recycle Wires Nanaimo Craft & Textile Equipment

Craft & Textile Equipment

Recycle exercise equipment Nanaimo

Exercise Equipment

Floor Care Recycling Nanaimo

Floor Care

 Lighting Equipment Nanaimo

Lighting Equipment

Would you like to learn more about the various stewardship programs and what electronics you can recycle with us? You can see more information on each of their websites:

Recycling Electronics Nanaimo

Please note - Regional Recycling Nanaimo depots will close on days when weather conditions makes travelling to the depot unsafe.

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Hayes Road

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839 Old Victoria Road, Nanaimo, BC

Nanaimo Recycling Depot Hours

Monday - Saturday: 8:30 AM - 5 PM   |   Sunday: 9 AM - 4 PM
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