Regional Recycling Depot Nanaimo

Recycle your refundable beverage containers and more at our 2 convenient locations!

Please note - Regional Recycling Nanaimo depots will close on days when weather conditions makes travelling to the depot unsafe.

Find a Recycling Depot in Nanaimo

Hayes Road

2375 Hayes Road, Nanaimo, BC


839 Old Victoria Road, Nanaimo, BC

Nanaimo Recycling Depot Hours

Monday - Saturday: 8:30 AM - 5 PM   |   Sunday: 9 AM - 4 PM
Closed: Stat Holidays & Boxing day   |    Christmas Eve & New Years Eve: 8:30 AM - 3 PM

Full Deposit Bottle Depot Nanaimo

Regional Recycling operates 2 bottle depots located in Nanaimo, British Columbia. The depot teams are dedicated to reducing waste by providing a convenient and efficient way for individuals and businesses to recycle a variety of materials including bottles, cans, and electronics. We provide FULL deposit refunds for all eligible beverage containers at both our Nanaimo locations.

Recycle your beverage containers for cash at our Regional Recycling Depots in Nanaimo BC. It’s an excellent way to contribute to the environment and earn some extra cash.  The best part is that now milk containers, are now worth 10 cents each. Earn money, but also help reduce waste and conserve our planets resources. 

Full Deposit Bottle Depot Nanaimo

Household Recycling – Recycle for FREE

Our recycling depots in Nanaimo offer a comprehensive recycling service, where customers can drop off a wide range of items for free. This includes electronics, lights, household recycling, appliances, smoke alarms, batteries, paint, and pesticides. Additionally, the depot accepts hazardous materials, ferrous metals steel and iron, and even exercise equipment.

Electronics Recycling
Recycle Household Packaging Nanaimo
Recycle Appliances Nanaimo
Recycling Lighting Equipment Nanaimo
Recycle Smoke Alarms Nanaimo
Battery Recycling Nanaimo
Paint & Pesticides Recycling Nanaimo
Ferrous Metal Steel Iron Recycling
Recycle Exercise Equipment Nanaimo

Recycling Pickup

Bottle drives are an excellent way for organizations that want to fundraise while also contributing to the environment. Regional Recycling Nanaimo offers convenient recycling pickup for bottle drives and commercial businesses with large amounts of refundable beverage containers.

Bottle Drives
Commercial Recycling